Our Commitment to You

Trust Pinnacle to assist you with your insurance claim, and complete all work to your satisfaction.

Pinnacle Windows will assist in documenting and substantiating your claim for insurance benefits to pay to repair and/or replace windows at the Property.

Pinnacle Windows is willing to offer its expertise and opinions to the Customer and Insurance Carrier concerning the scope and cause of any damage to windows and or doors at the Property; and will prepare reasonable estimates reflecting the cost to repair or replace the damaged windows.

Pinnacle Windows will communicate and meet with the representatives from the insurance company (on your behalf) as necessary to discuss any estimates and/or proposals concerning the cause of any claimed damage to the windows and doors.

Pinnacle Windows is willing to invest its own resources, including its time and expertise to perform the work in exchange for Customer’s agreement to allow Pinnacle Windows to perform the window-related work that is authorized by Customer’s insurance company, at the authorized price and accepted by Pinnacle Windows.

Serving Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana.

We’re not your typical window and door company! We specialize in insurance industry claims in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana.

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