Siding Installation & Repair

We install and repair a variety of siding materials.

We help you make sure your siding and trim are made to stand up to our climate. And look beautiful doing it.

Get the style and durability you’ve always wanted.

Pinnacle Windows & Restoration offers quality siding services that will help repair and maintain your siding for years to come. We also offer new siding installations in the exact color and design specifications you desire. We select the right siding materials from all the top manufacturers, for results that last.

Different materials have different beneficial qualities.

Choosing the right material depends on what you want your home’s exterior to look like and the degree of maintenance each material needs. Some materials tend to be lower maintenance than others.

Fiber Cement Siding Denver CO homes

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding is the choice for maximum durability, plus very low maintenance. Available in natural wood patterns, classic profiles, and a variety of colors and styles. 

Vinyl Siding for Denver homes

Vinyl Siding

The choice for low-cost and low-maintenance. Vinyl has the look of real wood and delivers excellent performance. It won’t peel, chip, or rot, and never needs to be re-painted. 

Our skilled installers can make seamless repairs.

Homeowners sometimes believe that the only way to uniformly repair siding isn’t to repair it at all, but instead to have new siding installed all around their homes. While new siding is the right option in many cases, such as for a new home, an exterior makeover, or to fix extensive damage, other times repairing siding in certain areas will do the trick.

The talented installers at Pinnacle Windows and Restoration will replace sections of siding while still maintaining the overall look of your home. No matter what siding material your home uses, we will make sure to install replacement sections with attention to detail to provide a like-new appearance.

You won’t be able to tell where the old siding ends and the new begins when you work with our skilled craftsmen!

Contact us today for a FREE Estimate for Siding Installation and Repair to protect your home today!

All homeowners should feel proud of their homes when they leave in the morning or come back at night. If damaged siding is negatively affecting your home’s aesthetic appeal or its safety, Pinnacle has the right materials and the experienced technicians you need.

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