Expert Window & Door Installation!

Pinnacle’s certified installers.

Using a certified window replacement contractor is just as important as choosing the best replacement windows. Installation by an experienced installer, using proper installation methods, is key to ensuring your new windows and doors operate correctly, protect your home, and keep their valuable manufacturer warranty.

Pinnacle Windows and Restoration installation crews are certified Installation Masters® and specialize in window and door installation. Our hand-picked installation crews have decades of experience that shows in their workmanship.

Installation Masters® is the most widely known and trusted certification for window installers and was founded by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Pinnacle Windows only uses Installation Masters® Certified Installers, ensuring that your replacement windows and doors are installed with the most stringent guidelines and installation practices in the building industry.

Our Superior Window And Door Installation Process.

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Manufacturer's Warranty Protection

Improper window and door installation can cause leaking, malfunctioning windows, security concerns, property damage, and loss of the window manufacturer’s warranty (often a valuable lifetime warranty). Don’t leave one of the most important steps to an inexperienced company using inferior installation methods.

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No Inferior Retrofit Installations

You may hear other window companies tout the benefits of a retrofit installation. Cheaper and faster is not always better. A retrofit is often the wrong installation method per code, voids a manufacturer’s warranty, and may result in damage to your home! Protect your windows and your home by choosing a full frame replacement.

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Door Installation Expertise

The proper installation of a new door is equally important. Like windows, a retrofit application may void a manufacturer warranty, create security issues, and not protect your home from the elements. Make sure your replacement door is beautiful, easily functional, and secure with an experienced installer!

What To Expect: The Pinnacle Windows & Restoration Difference.

At Pinnacle we are proud of our ability to provide our customers with superior service and results! One thing we insist on is doing things THE RIGHT WAY. As our sales and installation team may have explained, there are two ways to replace windows.

 Retrofit Installation

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 Nail Fin Installation

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For several reasons, we strongly believe that a nailing fin installation is the only proper way to install replacement windows to maintain a whole house weather barrier.

Inexperienced contractors or insurance adjusters may try to convince you that a retrofit installation is better because it MAY be cheaper or faster. Insist that your windows are installed THE RIGHT WAY with Pinnacle!

  • The building codes specify that a nail fin installation is the proper method for the replacement window installations. AAMA code §2400-10. See also International Residential Code, §R609.1.
  • Maintain the look and size of your existing windows. Retrofit creates more layers of window frame and reduces the size of the glass opening on your windows (often by 20%).
  • Properly safeguard your home from water and weather. A nail fin installation creates a new, effective water and weather barrier similar to new construction. Retrofit requires the breaking of existing barriers, simply patches holes, and may include leaving damaged components in place.
  • Preserve the warranty included with your new windows. The value of a lifetime warranty cannot be understated. Many manufacturer warranties are voided by non-code compliant installation.

Our Reputation

Reputation is important and we take pride in ours!

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